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uk sales: 01675 468200
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BS EN ISO14001 Environmental Standard


Adaptalok ATS

Adaptalok ATSAdaptalok ATS - The best conduit system ... just got even better!

The most advanced conduit fitting is here…. Adaptalok ATS from Adaptaflex.

A revolutionary, one piece, moulded fitting ideal for wet or dry conditions.

‘Adaptalok ATS' offers a simple and failsafe choice of conduit fittings, providing the highest possible performance in a single component. They are fast to fit and easy to remove, with the Adaptalok removal tool, while allowing stockholding to be reduced by offering all required IP standards and specifications in a true one piece fitting.

Being a single piece fitting, installation times are considerably reduced and there is absolutely no possibility of losing component parts – the omission of which might compromise a conduit system's sealing and integrity.  As the conduit seal and face washer are an integral part of the fitting, the required IP ratings can be achieved by a simple ‘push and twist - pull' installation process which requires no tools.

‘Adaptalok ATS' has full range availability in sizes from 13mm to 54mm, including a new 48mm fitting option. The fittings come in straight, 90° elbow and 45° elbow formats, with fixed or swivel nylon or metal thread options.  A UNEF circular connector range, with swivel internal threads, adds to the flexibility of the offering, along with swivel panel mount flanges and swivel couplers.

  • Fastest to fit and simple to remove
  • Allows stock holding to be reduced
  • Faster and easier to specify
  • One piece fits all IP requirements

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