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P-Clip Conduit Support
Type: P

Metallic > Accessories

P-Clip Conduit Support

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Material:   Plated steel construction with PVC insert
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Parts Numbers for this product:

Part No   Size   Colour   Name   Unit   Pack   Drawings
PCLIP/10   10_mm   Black   10 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/12   12_mm   Black   12 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/16   16_mm   Black   16 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/20   20_mm   Black   20 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/25   25_mm   Black   25 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/32   32_mm   Black   32 mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]
PCLIP/40   40_mm   Black   40 mm p clip   EA   1   [Login]
PCLIP/50   50_mm   Black   50 mm p clip   EA   1   [Login]
PCLIP/63   63_mm   Black   63 mm p clip   EA   0   [Login]
PCLIP/75   75_mm   Black   75mm p clip   EA   10   [Login]